• Courteney

Sign Stories: The Doxology

Today I'm starting a new series that I'm calling, "Sign Stories"! Every Wednesday, I'll share a story about how we came up with the designs for each sign. While there are some signs that we make just because we like the look (looking at you, Easter bunnies) or because we think they're humorous (bathroom signs, for sure!)— there are a lot that have stories behind them and I want to share them with you! So today is the kick-off of "Sign Stories". I hope you enjoy it!

Today, we're going to take a look at one of our newest signs, the Doxology. We launched a new batch of signs in January and this has to be one of my favorites. Before I had any other passions in life, music was my #1 passion, hobby and really— love. I remember the first song I ever wrote in elementary school was about a lion?! I taught myself guitar when I was 12 and shortly after, started singing and playing at my church. Then for the next 12 years, I was always involved with serving at a church on a worship team. I spent all of teenage years writing music (shout-out to all my friends who had to put up listening to my sad love songs haha), pretending I was Taylor Swift and also being a part of worship teams at my church and youth group.

Most recently, I served at my college, Moody Bible Institute in Spokane, Washington as a worship leader for three years. Of my short 25 years of life, those four years of college were my favorite. The Doxology is so special to me because we would sing it all the time while we were at school. I love how simple the words are but how it aligns your focus to Heaven. The Doxology also is nostalgic to me— it makes me feel like all at once I'm 12 again, singing on my church's worship team and I'm also 22 and I'm in college leading this hymn in front of our student body.

I have a note on my phone with words and quotes that I think may turn into a sign one day. The Doxology has been on my list for awhile and I'm so excited to finally have turned it into a sign. When thinking about the design, I wanted it to be simple and clean. I wanted the words to stand out so that you could get to the heart of the message right away.

The Doxology means so much to me and I hope you love it as much as I do! Thanks for taking the time to read this week's sign story. If you're interested in snagging this sign for your home, you can find it here on our website.

See you next week for another round of Sign Stories!